Friends of Rogers Environmental Education Center, Inc. Intern

Education & Children


Anyone with a passion for the natural world and able to work in the United States may apply. Preference will be given to candidates with a strong natural history background, experience with teaching or youth leadership, a demonstrated interest in environmental education and to those with or enrolled in college-level study. Academic training in natural resources, natural sciences (geology, biology), environmental science, interpretation, education, recreation or a related field is advantageous.

We expect interns to have a positive attitude and represent Friends of Rogers Environmental Education Center in a professional manner. Intern Responsibilities (may include the following):

Educational Activities

  • Complete intern training: orientation to job and Friends of Rogers, environmental education philosophy and techniques, environmental education literature, customer service, safety, emergency procedures, and nature study training sessions
  • Plan and lead a variety of environmental activities for a wide variety of audiences including: pre-school, elementary, middle, high school, youth groups, special needs groups, general public
  • Design, prepare, conduct, and evaluate an original environmental education presentation
  • Interact with the public during weekend and weekday visitor center receptionist duty
  • Write newsletter or newspaper articles on natural history or environmental topics
  • Complete a project (to be arranged with the Friends of Rogers intern's supervisor or Rogers Center Executive Director).

Examples of Past Projects

  • Plan and present a walk on a particular topic either on or off-site
  • Create a theme slide show o Design and construct an exhibit o Develop new lesson plans and teaching activity materials
  • Write a seasonal trail guide
  • Prepare taxidermic mounts

Administrative Duties

  • Complete a visual impressions report of grounds, trails, and exhibits
  • Assist staff in planning seasonal general public programs
  • Attend a meeting of the center's not-for-profit support organization
  • Check trails and exhibits
  • Publicize programs to the media and update program announcements
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Friends of Rogers staff and board members
  • Stock bird feeders and fish food vending machines
  • Complete an evaluation of the Naturalist Internship Program
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