Freshman Forum

Meinig Family Cornell National Scholars (MFCNS)
Freshman Forum

Course Description
The MFCNS Freshman Forum is an opportunity to:

  • spend time as a class of student leaders;
  • examine our understanding of leadership and the basic elements that define it;
  • interact with other leaders at Cornell; and
  • explore opportunities to apply the group’s leadership skills in a team effort to address an issue and affect change on the Cornell campus.

Meeting Times – Fall 2017

Session I-Orientation Wednesday, Sept. 6 5:00-6:30p Klarman Hall, KG70
Session II-Teambuilding Saturday, Sept. 16 11a-2p Memorial Room, WSH
Session III-CCO Showcase Wednesday, Sept. 27 5:00-6:30p G10 Biotech
Session IV-Dean of Students Q&A Wednesday, Oct. 18 4:30-5:45p G10 Biotech


During Freshman Forum we will discuss how MFCNS helps you learn more about yourself as a leader; examine how to apply your leadership skills for the benefit of campus and beyond; meet with and learn from student, faculty, and administrative leaders of this campus; build a sense of team; and tackle a project to affect change at Cornell during your first year on campus.


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