Frank H.T. Rhodes Cornell Tradition Endowment

In Spring of 2017, The Cornell Tradition was permanently endowed with a donation from Atlantic Philanthropies (AP).  In addition to supporting the operating costs of the program, they also have established the Frank H.T. Rhodes Cornell Tradition Endowment to support Cornell Tradition Fellows in international service experiences. FUNDING IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO CURRENT TRADITION FELLOWS!!

This funding will be available for Winter Break 2019-2020 and Summer 2020.  This funding will be for a standalone experience and cannot be used in addition to support account funds.  

Freshmen will be eligible to apply for the winter funding only. 

Graduating Seniors can apply to use the funding in the summer after graduation. 


  1. Winter break- students could apply for up to $2,000 for an approved international service experience
  2. Summer- students could apply for up to $5,000 for an approved international service experience


  1. Application- Students apply through standard application process.  AP funding applications must be completed by October 15th for winter and March 15th for summer applications.  Students will fill out all of the standard information including the expanded budget information.  Students will write to Suzanne Horning for additional application materials to be completed by the stated deadline as well.  Additional application materials will also include information about expectations post-experience.
  2. Committee Review- Committee will review all applications for who should be chosen. Committee will make decisions of who should receive award(s) by no later than 15th of next calendar month.  
  3. Student will be notified of decision including funding amount.  Same procedure for receipts, etc.  Winter funding can be granted upfront for large travel expenses.  Summer funding will be granted in its entirety when approved as long as the experience is full-time.  If it is less than full-time, same procedure as winter will be followed.
  4. Students will need to meet post-experience deadline for materials.
  5. Students will also be asked to complete additional materials and submit those by October 1st for summer and March 1st for winter.


Winter break- minimum of 3 weeks service experience up to $2000

Summer-Minimum of 3 weeks for service (total amount variable depending on length of experience), up to $5000

In good standing with the program at time of application and through completion of experience including successfully completing the re-application.

All materials completed on time and thoroughly.

Applications for winter 19-20 are available now. Please email for details.