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Community Service

The AFB Policy and Research Internships are designed to provide maximum flexibility while affording participants with a serious opportunity to learn and work with clear goals and expectations. Each internship will run approximately six weeks. Internships will be scheduled throughout the year. Although specific projects will vary depending on the interests and emerging expertise of each successful candidate, activities common to all internships are likely to include: - meeting with key congressional and federal agency staff, - scheduling Hill and other appointments, - preparing correspondence and briefing materials, - drafting short newsletter articles and fact sheets for distribution via AFB's website, - participating in coalition meetings within and outside the field of vision loss, and - using tools and methods for conducting policy research.

Located in our nation's capital, the AFB Public Policy Center strives to expand possibilities for people with vision loss by advocating the formulation and implementation of federal legislative, regulatory, legal, research, and funding priorities honoring the capabilities and unique needs of children, working-age adults, and seniors who are blind or visually impaired. The purpose of these internships is to provide highly motivated individuals with professional-level exposure to, and practice with, the public policy and policy research processes and an opportunity to apply specialized knowledge and skills in a dynamic environment. Qualified Applicants Candidates for these exciting learning experiences will possess a bachelor's degree (or will attain the degree within the year) and be pursuing a graduate or professional course of study relating to special education, rehabilitation, law, medicine, public health, or related human services discipline. All successful candidates will also possess a demonstrable commitment to people with vision loss or other disabilities. Interns will be supervised by AFB's Director of Public Policy. Extensive mentoring by AFB Public Policy, Policy Research, and other professional staff will offer participants both support and guidance. It will be our pleasure to work with candidates to structure their individual internships to accommodate specific objectives, such as the attainment of academic credit for participation.  To apply, send a resume or CV along with a letter of interest via e-mail to Your materials must include: - the academic program in which you are currently enrolled and/or which will commence within the year, - any specific issues of particular interest to you which you would like to pursue during your internship, - your preferred start date, - at least one academic or professional reference, and, - an expression of your personal sense of how participation in the internship fits within your overall career objectives. Successful applicants will be notified within one month of receipt of a complete application. 

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