New York State Parks: Finger Lakes Region Intern


For a semester, summer, or other long- term commitment, students can consider applying for one of our existing internships or creating their own. All internships can be tailored to meet the needs of the students involved, and students are welcome to design their own internship based on their interests, the needs of the park they would like to work in, and their availability. We use the term 'steward' rather than 'intern' as we feel it more accurately describes the duties and responsibilities that we expect from students who chose to work with us. Stewards are caretakers, and by accepting one of these positions, you are agreeing to protect and conserve the areas or resources designated by your specific project or position. Environmental Stewardship is coming to be seen as one of the most positive ways that we, as humans, can interact with the natural world. Rather than attempting to either control or ignore them, we take an active role in improving and preserving these environments.

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2221 Taughannock Park Rd.