Janet McKinley '74 Family Grant

The Janet McKinley ’74 Family Grant is open to all Cornell sophomores for the purpose of assisting students in pursuing interesting, provocative, and entrepreneurial summer projects, with the intent of having a direct and lasting impact on many generations of Cornell students.

Application Instructions and Criteria

There are five sections to the application. Applications must be completed in full to be considered.  Applicants must be a member of the sophomore class at the time of application and in good academic standing. We understand that the numbers provided in the budget proposal are “best estimate” projections.

Application Sections

  1. Applicant Information
  2. Statement of Purpose (You will be instructed to upload an attachment, 4 pages maximum)
  3. Resume Upload (1 page)
  4. Letter of recommendation from a supervisor, staff or faculty member. They must be knowledgeable of the project, and be able to speak to the applicant's ability to successfully carry out the project. Letter of recommendation can be emailed to ss3494@cornell.edu, or sent to 300 Kennedy Hall.
  5. Proposed Budget (1 page)
  6. To save and continue, user must return to the same computer and browser
  7. Have the statement of purpose prepared beforehand. Instructions are provided within the application.

All components of the application must be submitted by the stated deadline.

Electronic submissions must be in PDF format.

Notes Regarding Projects

Projects will be evaluated based on the merit of project, the project’s proposed contribution to society, the creative and entrepreneurial nature of the proposal (not an already established internship), and the potential for development and enrichment of the applicant.

Applicants who exhibit the following are especially encouraged to apply:

  • Demonstrate entrepreneurial creativity
  • Demonstrate commitment to the public good
  • Have broad interests
  • Have made good use of past opportunities
  • Show promise of success in their chosen career field

Learn more about past projects.

Letters of recommendation should be emailed to: Stefana Soitos, ss3494@cornell.edu

If email is not an option, letters can be sent to:

The Cornell Commitment
Attn: McKinley Family Grant Review Committee
300 Kennedy Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853

The application is now available. Please submit all materials by Monday, March 2nd at 4:30pm.  For information about the 2020 Janet McKinley ’74 Family Grant, please contact Stefana Soitos at ss3494@cornell.edu.




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