Meinig Family Cornell National Scholars

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In 1944 the Cornell University trustees sought a way to encourage the growth of responsible intelligent and caring leaders.

They knew that if given the opportunity, bright and motivated individuals could use Cornell's resources to become leaders across the nation and around the world. Out of this effort, the trustees created the Cornell National Scholars program.

Affirming its success and its integral place within the university identity, Peter Meinig '61 and Nancy Schlegel Meinig '62 endowed the Cornell National Scholars program in 1999.

Meinig Family Cornell National Scholars (MFCNS) show extraordinary potential for development as leaders at Cornell, and as alumni they invariably are active contributors to their communities. They come from across the United States and represent all seven undergraduate colleges. As Cornellians, students gain the tools they need to become leaders in a changing world. As National Scholars, they gain the skills necessary to wield them.


COVID-19 Update: Cornell University is suspending classes on its Ithaca campus as of 5pm, March 13.

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