MFCNS Forms and Guidelines

  • 2019-2020 AVF/Endorsement Form
    • ** We are assuming that most of you have completed at least half of your leadership hours, given where we are in the academic year, but we will remain very flexible.  Continuing students will still have to re-apply to remain in the program next year but that’s done on-line. Seniors essentially are excused as the idea is that they have been participating in leadership activities all along. For this year, we will remove the need for signed AVFs.  More details will be forthcoming once the on-line reapplication link is sent to you.  Deadline will be May 11th.

MFCNS Support Account Request Forms

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Funds are disbursed through the Bursar’s office via Net.Pay at the start of your summer experience. It is important to set up direct deposit through Net.Pay if you have not yet set up an account. This is NOT the same as direct deposit through student employment.

Post-Trip Materials